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How Lady Gaga Kept Me (Mentally) on the Grid

Author note: I know I usually write about food topics, but as my tagline above reads “critical thoughts on here, now, eating and drinking,” well, I’ve allowed myself a little bit of wiggle room to stretch out my writing topics beyond the hottie foodie things. This here essay is an example of the “here and [...]

Daniel Delaney: VendrTV Creator Talks Food Carts

VendrTV is kind of like a best food blog, except with high-quality video cameras, fancy editing, and the ability to tour the country covering delicious food carts (read: some foodies’ dreams come true). They post a new video episode every Wednesday on their website and it’s pretty cool watching what other cities’ food carts are [...]

Portlands Foods News

Moving, closing, opening, talking: Long time granola dining room, Vita Cafe is closed until mid-May. They lost their lease and are in the process of moving directly across the street. I ran into the drama about the Floyd’s-King Harvest move and yeah, they shouldn’t have stayed open during construction. We had to practically shove the [...]

Updates of All Kinds

I have a lot of little things to cover, from all subjects involved on this blog (me/living, Portland/food, and some random media stuff too). I’ll start with the Fly on the Wall updates: If you’ve read this blog before, chances are it looked a little different last time. I’m afraid I lost some pretty good [...]

Colaboradora is Spanish for Freelancer

I’ve been a bit mute on the blog lately. I’m afraid this is my quintessential: I’ve-been-busy-yada-yada blog. Haven’t you noticed that almost every blog that is generated via someone with a full-time job has these types of posts? Well, here’s mine. I’m writing this right after sending off one of my freelance-writing assignments, and while [...]

A Dash of Good Writing News

Since the loss of our animal 72 hours ago, it feels like that’s the only thing I can think about, but here’s an attempt to change the subject towards something exciting: I’m writing music reviews for Venus Zine! I love it. Click the image to check some of ‘em out. Right now they’re just online, [...]

The Internet is Talking

I vaguely remember a time when speaking about websites—especially of the social-networking variety—was culturally considered, in poor taste. Whenever the word MySpace or Friendster came up, I could hear a collective groan amongst my friends. And meeting people from the internet? No way. That was still mega lame. Oh, how 2002 that was. Now it [...]

My Interview on Portland Food and Drink

This week, A Fly on the Wall contributes to Portland Food and Drink. Check out the interview I did with chef (and now friend) Alyssa Gregg. She’s awesome and so is the Food Dude for posting my piece. Wow! And I’ll just get this right out in the open… yes, I left out the last [...]

Hot Cocoa and Poached Eggs

I’m currently enjoying my acceptable state plan-free behavior. Do I know where I’ll be living this Christmas? Nope. For my 27th birthday this summer? Negative. I’m currently wait-listed at a phenomenal graduate program in writing, so I may be, if the cosmos align correctly, moving across the country and going through the biggest change of [...]

Oh yes, A Best Of…

I can’t help but jump on the bandwagon… I want to do a 2007 Year in Review list too! So here’s my version. Best Writing on Food. Oh, the excitement! What on earth am I going to select?!