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Catherine’s Step-by-Step Successful Summer Grill Guide (Ode to the Romesco)

Want vegan, gluten-free, all-grilled dinner fare? New to the grilling scene?  Read me! I love romesco. It’s that simple. I’ve blabbed about this love once on this blog already, but I thought I’d expand on that slightly with some critical advice, not only how to make it, but how to make it via a backyard gas-free [...]

Too Many New Favorites

It’s happened again. Portland exploded with a ton of new, fun eateries and drinkaries and I kept my opinions about them off the blog until now. Need more ideas on where to go and what’s hot right now? Do read on! Cafe Nell 1987 NW Kearney Portland, OR 97209 (503) 295-6487 I felt like I [...]

Juice Cleanse: Three Day Report

Cleanse day one: Let’s start with the ‘why.’ Why am I opting to make my life a lot more challenging by going on a three-day juice/smoothie cleanse? Let’s just review the past 24 hours: I ate a doughnut, orange puff, egg sandwich, double ice cream cone, lychee daiquiri and three whiskey ginger ales. And that [...]

Winter Runaway Tour: Bend, Cape Coral, Savannah

This winter, my partner and I were found exploring three new cities of which I was unfamiliar: Bend, Oregon; Cape Coral, Florida; and Savannah, Georgia. The statistics are: 17 days, 8 planes, 2 bed and breakfasts, 1 hotel, 1 kayak, 1 pair of snowshoes, 1 house of my girlfriend’s mother, lots of Starbucks and lots [...]

How Much is that Waffle from the Window

SE 36th Ave. and Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97214 (503) 239-4756 Sometimes, okay, actually a lot of times there’s a gem in this town and it gets passed me. Like the Waffle Window – aka., the cutest brick hole I’ve ever seen. The Waffle Window has been around. It’s not new and the foodie press [...]

Spints: Shout Out

401 NE 28th Ave. Portland, OR 97232 (503) 847-2534 This isn’t a review – it’s more of a shout out to a friend who’s got a really cool restaurant on her hands. I’ve known Alyssa Gregg for a while. We’re not super close, but I interviewed her years ago for Portland Food and Drink, and [...]

Finding the Fun in Fungus

Yesterday was an anomaly. Here’s why: I was successful at something without having to try that hard. That can only lead me to believe that chanterelle mushroom picking is insanely easy. My girlfriend had been talking up this field trip for a while and I was very hesitant for two reasons – 1) I was [...]

Fall Food Dining Fest

October has been a month full of delightful eating outings. Instead of attempting to keep up on all individual reviews, I thought I’d just explode them all into one epic blog post. Enjoy! Ping 102 NW 4th Ave. Portland, OR 97209 (503) 229-7464 If I ate at Pok Pok nearly as much as I drove [...]

Alyssa Gregg to Open Spints

I’ve been hearing about this brewing for a few months, and finally I can break the silence of this exciting new restaurant/bar my friend Alyssa is working on. I’ve yet to see the space, but I’ve heard she’s been working on it non-stop and it looks incredible. Hopefully I’ll get over there soon, but until [...]

Mississippi Marketplace: Food Court of Carts

North Mississippi & Skidmore Portland, OR 97217 I like the expression, “I’m the mayor of (insert your neighborhood here).” I hear this every once in a while, and if I remember correctly, one of the owners of the Night Light Lounge even had this as his MySpace name (“Mayor of SE Clinton”). Don’t quote me [...]