The Beginning of the End – PDX > SF

(Blink… blink… blink, goes my cursor)

See, I don’t even know how to really start this.

And actually, I barely did. After writing that pathetic first sentence, I closed the computer. That was last night. How do you wrap up years upon years of good and bad times – major struggles, some victories, your favorites, the memories…

Now is a day later, although, it’s 330p and I’ve barely felt like I’ve been awake. Time is beginning to become increasingly blurred, like this drug-induced montage of color. I’m not on drugs (of course – they’ve never really ‘agreed’ with me) I’m just on ‘moving.’ It’s a powerful blend of anxiety, hope, daydream and staring out the window.

Tomorrow, around 5am as long as the sleep Gods are on our side, we’ll hop in the Civic, leave the construction zone that has become our house and spend some quality time along I5 South until we hit the City.

There we will try to find a piece of the massive grid to call home.

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