Confession – I’m Moving

Ok. Here goes Cat. Crawling out of the bag. My partner Casey and I have made plans to move from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California. Oh em gee! When?! Why?! How?! Yes, all of those questions are more or less cascading through my brain too.

Casey got accepted to graduate school at the Art Academy University in Interior Design and Architecture so we’re making the jump around mid August.

Umm… job? Apartment? Friends? Love? Yes I want all those things there too so if you have insight into any of them, LET ME KNOW. Need an incredible studio apartment, mini van, or vintage sofa bed? Again, be in touch.

Now that the nuts and bolts are mildly addressed, let’s get on to my feelings, shall we? How do I begin to tell the tale of the Northwest 1999-2010. A lot has happened here, meaning a lot will be missed, missed and missed some more. Don’t be surprised if I begin obsessing over favorites (eh hem, Random Order, Red E, Crow Bar, Masu, I’m looking at all of you) and mourning the loss of comfort.

Something else I’m chewing on is this. As in, exactly what you’re reading. This little blog thing. A Fly on the Wall has been a bone of my internet self since 2003. And as I mentioned earlier, a lot has happened here. Should I move it? Change it? Just erase it off the face of the internet and start a new shiny one? All those questions have yet to be answered by me so if you have any thoughts on them, please do share.

Here’s to the city by the bay.

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