Mississippi Marketplace: Food Court of Carts

eat your eggs in a sandwich

North Mississippi & Skidmore
Portland, OR 97217

I like the expression, “I’m the mayor of (insert your neighborhood here).” I hear this every once in a while, and if I remember correctly, one of the owners of the Night Light Lounge even had this as his MySpace name (“Mayor of SE Clinton”). Don’t quote me on that, but the point is, if I were Roger Goldingay, I might be saying this in regards to North Mississippi and Skidmore.

Roger is the owner of the newly-opened Mississippi Marketplace: Portland’s latest food-cart “pod” and soon-to-be opened brewpub, Prost! I just get so excited when the food-economy stars align, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect use for this corner, especially when it’s in my own neighborhood. The Oregonian reported that Roger got “flooded” with applications to be one of 10 carts on the corner. Early comments from cart owners support the idea that this is the right time and place for the Mississippi Marketplace.

big egg dogfeathers

I’ve tried three of the eight carts, and am especially fond of the fresh juices and egg sandwiches (not surprising if you’ve read this blog before or know me at all). Dogfeathers serves up organic drip coffee and espresso from Schondecken, a boutique roaster in Sellwood and juiced-to order creations. The Big Egg has incredible egg sandwiches that melt in your mouth (try the “Arbor Lodge”).

I don’t doubt improvements are on the way, and I think Mississippi Marketplace would greatly benefit from the following changes: 1) an ATM machine 2) way more seating and 3) composting bins.

I’m also looking forward to the much rumored re-opening of the Sugar Cube, a sweet pastry focused cart originally started by Kirsten Jensen. I never got the chance to check it out before it closed and the owner jumped ship to Two Tarts Bakery. No word on when she’ll open, but I’ll be eating a cupcake in celebration when it does!

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