Words of Yesteryear and Now

wordsAlthough 2008 is officially behind us, I’d like to select a few of my fav. lexicons of the year, and invite them to stick around in 2009.

1) Boutique (adj)
Definition: Unique, exquisite, specialty, limited
Example: Hilton is now attempting to open their very own boutique hotels.
Analysis: I don’t think we’re done with this one yet. As the local, d.i.y. mentality ages and spreads, more and more elements of the mainstream will co-opt it until the thought of being different and special fades into one of homogeneity—I don’t anticipate this happening any time soon.

2) Bounce (verb)
Definition: to leave, exit, depart
Example: Let’s bounce; I’m over it here.
Analysis: How cute is it to think of you as a ball bouncing away from somewhere? The answer’s yes, and ever since I heard this used on “Project Runway” I’ve been stealing it.

3) Navel gazing (adj)
Definition: Introspective, simple
Example: Her blog is nothing but navel-gazing nonsense.
Analysis: This term is often applied to a lot of literary nonfiction journalism right now, and I do not think of it as an insult (although more often than not, it is). Why would it be considered wrong to turn inwards as a means of articulating the ways of the outside world?

4) Cougar (noun)
Definition: An older woman who enjoys the company of younger partners
Example: She’s dating a 20-year-old; such a cougar.
Analysis: Again, like navel gazing, this tends to be a total dis against women. I don’t think it should be – as relationships flex away from rigid antiquated standards, so will the age discrepancy discrimination. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a static line of adult versus child that should never be crossed, but a 40-year-old dating a 27-year-old? Maybe a tinsy bit questionable depending on the two people, but really, who cares?

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