Ready, Set, Nov. 4

voteI feel like I’m swimming in important and anxious dates. The holidays are officially underway, not to mention my school deadlines.

But this post is about voting. It’s about voting, without talking about politics. Even though we’ve been absolutely soiled to the gills in election coverage, I still wanted to make sure and make my Fly-on-the-Wall mark about it.

So I did. I voted at one of my favorite coffee shops during a busy Saturday morning, and even dressed up for the event.

Here is a short photo essay documenting the ever-so important duty.


Now we just hurry up and wait…


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  1. Ali and Evan wrote:

    Many things to write:
    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing your part and voting. (Especially at that mighty fine establishment)
    2. You and Casey are the ABSOLUTE sweetest for the jam and ketchup. Thank you.
    3. I was just overcome with a sickening feeling upon reading that Morning th Pug was actually YOUR dog. As pug owners ourselves our hearts broke when we saw these flyers up around the neighborhood. We had NO idea she belonged to friends of ours. We are so very sorry.
    4. XO

    Posted 11 Nov 2008 at 11:36 am

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